Unilabtech Srl is the first and only company in Italy to have created an officially recognized and enabled company as an Innovative StartUp with StartUp Incubator and Accelerator status with its registered "StartUp Tree" brand.

The core business of the company consists in the activities planning and projects management in the social and humanistic utility's sectors. Furthermore, Unilabtech is also specialized, through its strategic partners, in research and development for Industry 4.0 in projects of Mixed Reality and Biodiversity and sustainable development Projects.

Business Idea

The business idea consists in the design and development of innovative solutions for the social and humanistic sectors through products and services of tangible utility for people in everyday life.

Furthermore, eliminating social, architectural and cultural barriers, in full respect of the environment with the dissemination of ethical, scientific and social principles are complementary to our solutions.

Finally, the formation of the citizen with the enhancement of the territory is very important for us, through conferences, workshops, cultural exhibition and sporting events.


We manage social projects:

- To spread the culture and information in order to promote the knowledge of innovative technologies, tools and professional techniques through training courses and strategic consultancy.

  • To improve the emotional and perceptual experience in the relationship between supplier and consumer by breaking down every kind of barrier: Architectural, Social and Cultural. Encouraging innovative tourism, health and wellbeing, eco-sustainability and energy efficiency.
  • To optimize and certify the accessibility to structures and services with "Total Quality" certification according to international quality standards for improving and optimizing the business of a company, the lifestyle of the population and the economy of a territory.

Plus Valore

Our added value in this project consists in a series of technological opportunities with their own unique identity and intellectual property with the possibility of expansion, modular and both technical and commercial customization.

Finally, we point out that each solution is the result of years of research and development in which the inventor and / or company has invested their own resources with related acknowledgments of merit and certification.

We provide support, training courses and networking opportunities to all our clients and partners too.