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UniLabTech Srl was founded in 2017, in Milan, as the first company in Italy to have obtained triple accreditation and "multistatus" *, from the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Monza and Lodi and from the Ministry of Economic Development as well as other entities Italians. 

Unilabtech is:

  • Innovative Startup company with a Social Vocation (SIaVS)
  • * Incubator of Innovative Startups 
  • * Incubator of Innovative Startups 
  • * Accelerator of Innovative Startups

The core business of Unilabtech is mainly aimed at Scientific and Technological innovation in the Social and Third Sector for the design and development of Innovative Projects and Solutions for Social, Cultural and Humanistic purposes. With its own registered trademarks, patents and industrial formats, today Unilabtech operates in various sectors in the "Social" sector, creating specific Internal Departments and then making them Spin Offs in Innovative StartUps in its corporate group.

ATECO codes:

72.20.00 = Research and experimental development in the field of social sciences and humanities

46.46.30 = Wholesale trade of medical and orthopedic items

Our main areas of intervention are: 

  • Search for innovative solutions in ICT, Medical, BioTech, Fintech, Energy, Safety and Security. 
  • Enhancement of the Cultural, Artistic and Social Heritage. 
  • Urban, Social and Fiscal Redevelopment. 
  • Transformation and evolution of national standards to obtain Innovative Tourism, Smart City, Industry 4.0 solutions. 
  • Training and Human Resource Management. 

We manage social projects for:

- Spreading culture and information to promote knowledge of innovative professional technologies, tools and techniques.

- Improve the emotional and perceptive experience in the relationship between supplier and consumer by breaking down any architectural, social and cultural barrier

- Disseminate and adequately support the accessibility to facilities and services approved by the principle - and now dogma - of "Total Quality" for all, thus improving accessibility with a competitive and non-restrictive factor, particularly optimizing the scenario of tourists, of professionals and consumers with reduced mobility or with special needs.

Today Unilabtech Srl, in addition to having and increasing more and more direct relationships with classic financial investors such as Banks, Funds and Venture Capital, also officially has the possibility of fundraising for social projects between private subjects (CROWDFUNDING), through a technological platform our certified online partner, which contributes with us to support and support our Social Projects and Innovative StartUps with a social background; or to raise funds for humanitarian and solidarity purposes through aid aimed at social charity co-managed by ONLUS associations and our partner foundations


The main activities (core business) are: 

  • Business Strategic Consulting (Project & StartUp) 
  • Research & Development (R&D) 
  • System Integrator (ICT / IoT) 
  • Trade & Reselling (MedTech) 

Through events, workshops and solidarity activities, UniLabTech Srl intends to spread solutions, experiences and principles based on eco-sustainability, safety and the importance of sport as a catalyst for aggregation and social rebirth