La nostra innovazione è il vostro successo

The company Unilabtech Srl, is an Innovative Startup Social Vocation (SIaVS), which stands out among all for its official accreditation at national level for the awards (Chamber of Commerce, MISE, etc. ..) of more status in a single entity , ie being an "SME in Rosa" (female entrepreneurship), being a "StartUp Under 30" (youth entrepreneurship) as well as being an incubator and business accelerator.

Mainly we deal with Research and Development in Science and Technology for an Innovation and Social Improvement "for all ..." mainly with innovative projects and solutions and sports initiatives for disabled and disabled or disadvantaged. So we manage social projects for:
- Disseminate culture and information to promote the knowledge of innovative technologies, tools and professional techniques.
- Improve the emotional and perceptual experience in the supplier and consumer relationship by breaking down every barrier; Architectural, Social and Cultural.

- Disclose and appropriately support accessibility to structures and services approved by the principle as well as by now a "Total Quality" dogma for everyone, thus improving accessibility with a competitive and non-restrictive factor, optimizing in particular the scenario of tourists, professionals and consumers with reduced mobility or with special needs.

Today Unilabtech Srl, in addition to having and increasing more and more, direct relations with classic financial investors such as Banks, Funds and Venture Capital, has officially also the possibility to make fundraising for social projects among private individuals (CROWDFUNDING), through a platform certified online technology, which contributes with us to support and support our Social Projects and Innovative StartUps, mainly with a social background, or for fundraising for humanitarian and solidarity purposes through social charity with Non-profit Associations and Foundations of our Partners No- Profit.